Bath / basin mixer Chrome flat spout

Bath / basin mixer Chrome flat spout 330 мм - 7140.00 To order
Bath / basin mixer Chrome flat spout 400 мм - 7260.00 To order

Body parts are made of LS59 brass with a chromium-nickel coating. The mixer uses components from leading world manufacturers. Rubber or ceramic crane-axle boxes and a ceramic switch from Fluhs (Germany) have a working life of more than 500'000 switching cycles. Crane axle boxes provide smooth and precise regulation of temperature and intensity of the water jet. The shower / spout switch is easy to move and is not affected by pressure drops in the water supply system. Aerator Neoperl (Germany) creates a soft stream of water without splashes.

  • 1. The recommended pressure is 2.5 atm.
  • 2. Working temperature - up to 75 ° С.
  • The mixer is designed to operate at pressures from 2 to 6.3 atm.
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