Wilo-Drain TM/TMW/TMR 32

Explanation of the name

For example: Wilo-Drain TMW 32/11 HD-10M
TM Series
W Execution:
  • not followed: standard
  • W: with stirring device
  • R: with suction reduction device (pumping down to minimum level)
32 Nominal diameter of the discharge connection
11 Max. head (m)
HD Version for aggressive pumped liquids (AISI 316L)
10M Other cable length:
  • 10M: 10m power cable
  • 30M: 30m power cable


User friendly - ergonomic carrying handle, light weight, plug & pump ready
Operational reliability - electric motor in stainless steel housing with cooling jacket, mechanical seal and seal chamber
Drain TMR with pumping down to minimum level - minimum residual water level of 2 mm

A type

Submersible drainage pump


  • Pumping
  • Waste water free of faeces and long-fiber fractions
  • Contaminated water

Equipment / function

  • Power cable with plug
  • Float switch
  • Automatic sensor for monitoring the temperature of the winding of the electric motor
  • Flow-through casing for cooling the electric motor

Model overview


Product designation Article number
Drain TM 32/8-10M 4048411
Drain TM 32/7 4048412
Drain TMW 32/8 4048413
Drain TMW 32/11 4048414
Drain TMW 32/11HD 4048715
Drain TMW 32/8-10M 4058059
Drain TMW 32/11-10M 4058060
Drain TMR 32/8 4145325
Drain TMR 32/8-10M 4145326
Drain TMR 32/11 4145327

Those. information

Package Contents

  • Pump with power cable and plug
  • Built-in float switch (except TM 32 / 8-10)
  • Threaded connection with non-return valve (Drain TMW / TMR)
  • Hose connection included (Drain TM)
  • Installation and operating instructions

Technical Specifications

  • Connection to mains 1~ 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Max. immersion depth:
  • Cable length 4 m: 1 m
  • Cable length 10m: 4 м
  • Pumped liquid temperature: 3 ... 35 °C, short-term up to 3 min: max. 90 °C
  • Pressure connection:
  • Drain TM: Hose connection 35 mm
  • Drain TMW/TMR: Rp 1¼


    • Motor housing 1.4301(AISI 304)
    • Pump casing: PP-GF30.
    • Impeller: PPE/PS-GF20
    • Shaft: 1.4104(AISI 430F)
  • Seal:
    • Motor side: NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)
    • Fluid side: Graphite/Ceramic
    • TMW ... HD:
  • Motor housing 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
    • Pump casing: PP-GF30.
    • Impeller: PPE/PS-GF20
    • Shaft: 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
  • Seal:
    • Motor side: NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)
    • Fluid side: Graphite/Ceramic


Submersible pump for stationary and portable wet well installation for fully automatic operation, thanks to float switch installation.

Hydraulic section

The pumps are equipped with an open multi-vane impeller and have a free passage of 10 mm (TM/TMW) or 2 mm (TMR). The connection to the discharge nozzle is designed as a vertical hose connection (TM) or as a threaded connection (TMW/TMR).

Electric motor

Single-phase motor with cooling jacket and built-in operation condenser. The motor heat is dissipated directly by the fluid being pumped through the motor housing.

The electric motor is equipped with an automatic motor winding temperature sensor. This means that the motor stops on overheating and restarts automatically after cooling down.


On the fluid side there is a mechanical seal, on the motor side a rotary shaft seal. Between the seals there is a sealing chamber filled with white oil.


The pump is equipped with a 4 or 10 m power cable with plug and socket and an integrated float switch (except TM 32/8-10M).


Drain TMW with vortex function - the vortex function provides continuous vortex creation in the suction area of the pump. This prevents sediment from sinking and settling. This prevents contamination of the sump bottom and reduces the risk of odors
Drain TMR with dewatering to the lowest level - A special suction filter allows pumped liquid to be dewatered to a minimum level of 2 mm.




Wilo CAD

The Wilo CAD online library contains DWG drawings of Wilo pumping equipment. In this library, the dimensions of the pumping equipment are given as a guideline. Please note that the contents of the Wilo CAD online library are subject to technical changes.

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