VarioFin bath / washbasin mixer Laser

VarioFin bath / washbasin mixer Laser - 4560.00 To order

High-quality Russian-made double-handle faucet with a casing for a bath-sink with a swivel spout and a ceramic shower-spout switch. The mixer is adapted to the operating conditions in Russia. The mixer is equipped with dry-type valve axles with a resource of at least 500 thousand cycles and a ceramic shower-spout switch of the German company Fluhs with a resource of at least 500 thousand cycles. The switch works on the principle of a ceramic crane box.

The mixer is made of LS59 brass and protected by a composite polymer casing with a decorative coating. This protects against accidental burns, and allows you to give the mixer a modern look, lighten the structure and simplify repairs. The design was developed by specialists of the "KAYA" group together with Finnish engineers from the company Variosan OY.

  • Installation distance between the axes of the supply pipes 150 ± 15 mm;
  • Deviation from parallelism between the eccentric axes ± 3 degrees.;
  • Recommended pressure 2.5 atm;
  • Working temperature - up to 75С°;
  • Mixer weight included, no more than 2 kg;
  • (The mixer is designed to operate at pressures from 2 to 6.3 atm).
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