Thermostatic mixer for bath / sink Griffin flat spout 180 mm

Thermostatic mixer for bath / sink Griffin flat spout 180 mm 180mm - 19200.00 To order

Thermostatic mixer (thermostat) is designed to maintain the water temperature at a given level regardless of pressure drops in the water supply network.

The thermostat has two knobs for adjusting the water pressure and temperature. In the middle position, the temperature regulator is fixed (~ 37ºC). To get hotter or colder water, turn the control knob while pressing the button. The button on the handle prevents accidental rotation. At the extreme positions of the handle, the thermostat does not mix the water, and its temperature corresponds to the temperature in the cold or hot water supply network.

The “Varion” thermostat has a long swivel spout, a ceramic switch from Flush (Germany), a heat-resistant rubber shower hose (175 cm).

  • Eccentric thread, G1/2” entry system;
  • Installation distance between the axes of the supply pipes 150 + 15 mm;
  • Deviation from parallelism between the axes of eccentrics ± 3 degrees;
  • Shower hose length 1700 ± 20 mm;
  • The distance between the horizontal axis of the eccentrics and the upper plane of the sink is not less than: 130 ± 5 mm;
  • Recommended pressure 1 atm. (The pressure difference between hot and cold water is no more than 1.5 atm.);
  • Working temperature up to - up to 75°С;
  • Mixer weight in a set, no more than 3 kg.
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