Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH

The Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH double-entry pump Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH provides a reliable water supply 365 days a year at minimum operating costs


  • Reliable long-term operation for the efficient supply of drinking water via extensive pipe networks - customizable to your exact requirements
  • Reduced energy costs through high overall efficiency
  • Simpler and shorter alignment thanks to a tolerance-acceptable coupling and motor adjustment device
  • Increased operational reliability due to smooth, low-vibration, low-noise hydraulics
  • Reduced tendency to cavitate thanks to optimized NPSH characteristics
  • Reduced space requirement due to compact design
  • Also available in a certified drinking water version. Optionally with Ceram CT coated version, also approved for drinking water
  • Also available with Ceram CT coating for up to 3 % more efficiency
  • Standard pumping capacity up to 4500 m³/h

Bi-directional inlet pump for reliable operation and energy-efficient transport of large volume flows through extensive distribution networks.

The Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH double-entry pump ensures a reliable supply of water 365 days a year at minimum operating costs. The service-friendly design and the high efficiency throughout the entire performance range guarantee long-lasting, energy-efficient operation and contribute to a permanent water supply.


Axially split casing pump mounted on a baseplate


  • Water intake, pressure boosting and general water transport in power plants, waterworks and public drinking water supply systems
  • Supply systems for service water and cooling water in power stations and industrial plants
  • Irrigation in commercial agriculture
  • Pumping water in heating systems (Germany according to VDI 2035) and glycol mixtures

High availability, 24 hour continuous operation 365 days a year

The provision of water for municipalities, large-scale irrigation systems or industrial cooling towers is a highly complex process that must simultaneously meet demands for absolute operational reliability at a typical volume flow of up to 4,500 m³/h. The Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH is an extremely powerful pump unit for reliable continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The innovative design of the hydraulic mechanisms and the perfect combination of technology - motor, hydraulic system - and electronics ensure an efficient and reliable water supply. Low level of vibration caused by pump operation and noise level. Optimization of the cavitation margin to avoid undesirable cavitation and the associated increased material stress. [TA1]Pumping unit

Low power costs.

The new high-efficiency IE4 motors combined with the innovative hydraulic system guarantee a high overall efficiency level during operation, thus reducing energy costs at every duty point. By optimizing the overall efficiency, the variety of models in the line allows a tailored approach to operating requirements and reduces energy consumption, e.g. by running the system at lower speeds.

The patented coating of the Wilo-Atmos TERA-SCH pump with Ceram CT is available as an option, increasing the efficiency by up to 3% and preventing corrosion.

Easy installation and maintenance

Installing pumps of this size, which depending on the version can weigh up to 5 tons, is a challenge. The difficult but obligatory process of alignment is simplified thanks to the stable coupling and the motor adjustment device. Pump units are available for both clockwise and counterclockwise positioning on pumping stations.

Maintenance is greatly simplified due to large access openings. This saves time, effort and money.
The bearing can be removed without lifting the top of the housing, reducing the complexity of the operation.

Reduced water losses in the distribution network

Leaks in distribution networks are a serious but, unfortunately, very common problem. Moreover, the leakage rate increases in proportion to the pressure in the pipes, causing significant water leakage in some cases, especially in large cities. The use of variable speed pumps greatly reduces the risk of leakage by preventing excessive pressure. As an option, the Wilo-TERA-SCH can be equipped with the Wilo-EFC variable speed drive in order to control the pressure inside pipes and/or distribution networks. This prevents water leakage and minimizes maintenance costs.

Model overview


Products Motor power P2 Particle
Atmos TERA-SCH150/230-37/2 37.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH150/230-45/2 45.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH150/230-55/2 55.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH150/230-75/2 75.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/320-30/4 30.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/320-37/4 37.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/320-45/4 45.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/320-55/4 55.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/320-75/4 75.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/500-132/4 132.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/500-160/4 160.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/500-200/4 200.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/500-250/4 250.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH200/500-315/4 315.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/360-110/4 110.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/360-55/4 55.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/360-75/4 75.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/360-90/4 90.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/380-110/4 110.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/380-132/4 132.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/380-160/4 160.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/380-90/4 90.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/470-160/4 160.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/470-200/4 200.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/470-250/4 250.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH250/470-315/4 315.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH400/550-160/6 160.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH400/550-200/6 200.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH400/550-250/6 250.00 kW -
Atmos TERA-SCH400/550-315/6 315.00 kW -

Those. information

Scope of delivery

  • Pump with free shaft end, coupling or kit
  • Installation and Operating Instructions

Explanation of designation

Example Atmos TERA-SCH 250/360-75/4-L1
Atmos Product
TERA Series designation
SCH Double-entry horizontal pump
250 DN for pressure flange
360 Nominal impeller diameter [mm]
75 Nominal motor power P2 [kW]
4 Number of poles
L1 Variant code (L1 = bronze impeller)

Technical specifications

  • Temperature of pumped liquid: -20 °C - +120 °C
  • Mains connection: 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Nominal diameters
    • Suction side - DN 150 to DN 600
    • Nominal diameters: discharge side: DN 125 to DN 450
  • Max. operating pressure: PN 10, PN 16


  • Pump casing: EN-GJL-250
  • Impeller: EN-GJL-250/G-CuSn10/GX5CrNiMo19-11-2
  • Shaft: X12Cr13


  • Centrifugal pump with axially split casing, available in single-stage version
  • Delivery as a complete unit (pump with coupling, safety coupling, motor and baseplate) or as a complete unit without motor, or as a complete pump only
  • Shaft sealed by mechanical seal or gland seal
  • 2, 4 and 6-pole motors; IE3 standard up to 1000 kW (IE4 on request)
  • Welded steel frame


Documentation Download
Documentation Download



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