Wilo-Sub TWU 4 Plug & Pump

Wilo-Sub TWU 4 Plug & Pump Water supply system with submersible pump, controller and accessories


  • Easy installation thanks to pre-assembled components and wiring
  • Parts in contact with the pumped liquid are made of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Built-in non-return valve
  • Wear-resistant due to floating impellers


Water supply unit with submersible pump, control system and accessory kit


Water supply system for own water supply in a private household

  • Water supply for washing machines
  • Watering of garden areas
  • Pumping and filling of water
  • Water extraction points for service water


  • Multistage submersible motor pump with radial impellers
  • Built-in non-return valve
  • Coupling according to NEMA
  • Single phase electric motor
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Dry-running protection (Wilo-P&P Sub-I only)

Model overview


Products Mains Motor diameter DM Pressure head max. Hmax Power output max. Qmax Motor power P2 Gross weight approx. m Article
Sub TWU 4.04-05-C-Plug&Pump/FC (1~230 V, 50 Hz) 1~230 V, 50 Hz 98 mm 33.0 m 6.0 m³/h 0.37 kW 20.0 kg 6049385
Sub TWU 4.04-07-C-Plug&Pump/FC (1~230 V, 50 Hz) 1~230 V, 50 Hz 98 mm 46.0 m 6.0 m³/h 0.55 kW 21.8 kg 6049386
Sub TWU 4.04-09-C-Plug&Pump/FC (1~230 V, 50 Hz) 1~230 V, 50 Hz 98 mm 59.0 m 6.0 m³/h 0.75 kW 23.9 kg 6049387
Sub TWU 4.04-07-C-Plug&Pump/DS (1~230 V, 50 Hz) 1~230 V, 50 Hz 98 mm 46.0 m 6.0 m³/h 0.55 kW 25.0 kg 6049388
Sub TWU 4.04-09-C-Plug&Pump/DS (1~230 V, 50 Hz) 1~230 V, 50 Hz 98 mm 59.0 m 6.0 m³/h 0.75 kW 26.2 kg 6049389
Sub TWU 4.04-14-C-Plug&Pump/DS (1~230 V, 50 Hz) 1~230 V, 50 Hz 98 mm 93.0 m 6.0 m³/h 1.10 kW 31.1 kg 6049390

Those. information

Deciphering the name

for example:  
TWU Submersible pump
4 Diameter of hydraulic part in inches ["]
04 Nominal flow [m3/h]
05 Number of hydraulic stages
C Pump generation designation
FC FC version = Sub-I package with HiControl 1 DS = Sub-II package with gauge control unit

Technical Specifications

  • Mains connection: 1~230 V, 50 Hz
  • Operating mode in immersed state: S1
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: 3 - 30 °C
  • Minimum motor flow speed: 0.08 m/s
  • Max. sand content: 50 g/m3
  • Max. number of starts: 20/hour
  • Max. immersion depth: 27 m
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Pressure connection: Rp 1¼


  • Casing hydraulic section: stainless steel 1.4301
  • Impellers: Naryl
  • Hydraulic shaft: stainless steel 1.4104
  • Motor housing: stainless steel 1.4301
  • Motor shaft: Stainless steel 1.4305


Submersible pump for vertical or horizontal installation.

Hydraulic part

Multistage submersible motor pump with radial impellers in split casing design. Integral check valve. All parts in contact with pumped liquid are made of corrosion resistant materials.

Electric motor

Corrosion-proof single-phase direct start motor. The motor is encapsulated in resin, the windings are lacquered and self-lubricating, the bearings are filled with a water/glycol mixture.


Electric motor is cooled by pumped fluid. The motor must only be operated in immersed state. The maximum temperature limits for the pumped liquid and the minimum flow speed must be observed. Vertical installation can be carried out with or without a cooling jacket - at the customer's choice. Horizontal installation is done with a cooling jacket.


Wilo-EMU D/DCH/K/KM/SCH (w/o motor)#Wilo-Sub TWI/TWU (w/o motor)#Wilo-Actun ZETOS-K8 (w/o motor)#Wilo-Actun ZETOS-K10 (w/o motor) Download
Wilo-Sub TWU 4…, TWU 4-…-QC, TWU 4-…-P&P Download
Wilo-Sub TWU 4 Download
Documentation Download



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