Household ultrasonic heat meter with digital output

Household ultrasonic heat meter with digital output - 10321.00 To order

Ultrasonic apartment heat meter Pulsar with digital output is a compact device designed for metering the consumption of thermal energy in an apartment, private house, small office or retail space. Installed in the pipeline that provides heat supply to the facility. Designed for visual data reading. The device is equipped with a digital RS485 interface, which allows data transmission to a control center located at a distance. This allows data to be read without direct access to the device. The heat meter can be used to measure heat in a dead-end hot water supply system, like a hot water meter, which determines the volume of water whose temperature is higher than the set value. Structurally, heat meters are a single heat meter and consist of: - one or two volumetric flow sensors; - a pair of resistance thermocouples; - one or two gauge pressure sensors; - calculator. The principle of operation of the heat meter consists in the processing by the calculator of the measurement signals coming from the volumetric flow sensor (s), temperature sensors, gauge (sensors) of excess pressure, calculation and display on the indicator device of the calculator of the measurement results.

  • Pressure loss at qp, MPa: <0.025;
  • Metrological class (EN1434): 2;
  • Flow rate dynamic range qi / qp: 1:50;
  • Nominal pressure, MPa: 1.6;
  • Maximum temperature, °C: 105 (150 on request);
  • Temperature difference measurement range, °C: 3 - 104;
  • Temperature difference for starting energy counting, °C: 0.25;
  • Indicator: LCD, 8 digits + special symbols;
  • Heat units: Gcal;
  • Data archive in non-volatile memory: 60 months, 184 days, 1488 hours;
  • Number of flow meters, pcs: 1, 2, 3.
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