Труба металлопластиковая PEX-Al-PEX

PEX-Al-PEX metal-plastic pipe


The first inner layer is made of PEX cross-linked polyethylene. The polyethylene of the inner layer was crosslinked using the organosilane method. The inner (working) layer has a crosslinking degree of 65%.
The second layer is a high-quality adhesive composition, which has good adhesion to both polyethylene and aluminum, and ensures a reliable connection of all layers.
The third layer is aluminum foil, which prevents oxygen diffusion and provides strength and low linear thermal expansion of the pipe. The edges of the foil are butt-welded to each other by TIG welding.
The fourth layer is a high-quality adhesive composition that has good adhesion to both polyethylene and aluminum, and ensures a reliable connection of all layers.
The fifth outer layer is made of PEX polyethylene, which provides reliable protection against environmental influences and prevents the formation of condensation.

PEX material (English PE - PolyEthylene - polyethylene, X - Cross-linked - cross-link) is cross-linked polyethylene. This material is obtained by special processing of polyethylene raw materials by chemical or physical methods, due to which additional, much stronger cross-links between molecules are formed. Such crosslinking significantly improves both the chemical and physical characteristics of the material, due to which it becomes more durable and heat-resistant.

PEXb pipes are produced by the so-called silane process, when the molecular bonds are changed under the action of a catalyst, which is the silane.

A distinctive feature of PEX pipes is their ability to regain their shape ("shape memory") after deformations.

The advantages of metal-plastic pipes are high strength and heat resistance, resistance to corrosion, overgrowth, silting and salt deposition; high chemical resistance, resistance to mechanical damage, low roughness, gas tightness, high noise absorption capacity, low thermal conductivity, low coefficient of linear expansion, high ductility and light weight, technological and economical installation.

Compliance with the passport operating conditions guarantees a 50-year service life of the products.

Model overview

Those. information

Metal-plastic pipe PEX-Al-PEX 1,2,4,5 service classes
vendor code Name Color
PEX 5A1620I Pex-Al-Pex pipe 16,0 х 2,0 Palanzh Ivory
PEX 5A2020I Pex-Al-Pex pipe 20,0 х 2,0 Palanzh Ivory
PEX 5A2525I Pex-Al-Pex pipe 25,0 х 2,5 Palanzh Ivory
PEX 5A3230I Pex-Al-Pex pipe 32,0 х 3,0 Palanzh Ivory

Geometric characteristics of PEX-Al-PEX pipes

  16×2,0 20×2,0 25х2,5 32×3,0
Outside diameter, mm 16 20 25 32
Wall thickness, mm 2 2 3 3
Inner diameter, mm 12 16 20 26
Aluminum thickness, mm 0,25 0,3 0,3 0,3
Weight 1 r.m. pipes, g 108 138 206 309
Internal volume 1 r.m. pipes, l 0,113 0,201 0,314 0,531
Pipe length in a coil, m 200 200 100 50
Minimum bending radius, mm 80 100 125 160

Technical characteristics of PEX-Al-PEX pipes

Service class according to GOST R 53630 1,2,4,5,ХВ
Maximum working pressure, bar 10
Working temperature ТWork, °С 80
Maximum working temperature Тmax, °С 90
Short-term (emergency) temperature Тemer, °С 100
Thermal conductivity coefficient, W / m ∙ K 0,43
Linear expansion coefficient, mm / m ∙ K 0,025
Equivalent roughness coefficient, mm 0,007
Oxygen diffusion, mg / l 0
Adhesive bond strength, n / cm 80
Polyethylene crosslinking method Silanol (PE-Xb)
The degree of crosslinking of polyethylene, % >65%
Service life subject to the passport operating conditions, years 50

PEX-AL-PEX pipe packing characteristics

  16×2,0 20×2,0 25х2,5 32×3,0
Pipe length in a coil, m 200 200 100 50
Coil dimensions (LxWxH), mm 700 х 700 х 220 700 х 700 х 220 770 х 770 х 240 770 х 770 х 300
Coil weight, kg 21,6 27,6 20,6 15,5
Bay volume, m3 0,085 0,102 0,112 0,14
Number of coils on a pallet, pcs. 14 14 14 10


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