Single-layer PEX pipe

Single-layer PEX pipe


Single-layer pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene are intended for use in drinking and household-drinking systems, cold and hot water supply. If there are no restrictions on the content of dissolved oxygen in the coolant, it is possible to use it in systems of water low-temperature (up to 80 ° C) heating, water heated floors and walls, soil heating, as well as as process pipelines transporting liquids that are not aggressive to pipe materials.

PEX material (English PE - PolyEthylene - polyethylene, X - Cross-linked - cross-link) is cross-linked polyethylene. This material is obtained by special processing of polyethylene raw materials by chemical or physical methods, due to which additional, much stronger cross-links between molecules are formed. Such crosslinking significantly improves both the chemical and physical characteristics of the material, due to which it becomes more durable and heat-resistant.

PEX pipes are produced by the so-called silane process, when the molecular bonds are changed under the action of a catalyst, which is the silane.

A distinctive feature of PEX pipes is their ability to regain their shape ("shape memory") after deformations.

The advantages of cross-linked polyethylene pipes are high strength and heat resistance, resistance to corrosion, overgrowth, siltation and salt deposition; high chemical resistance, resistance to mechanical damage, low roughness, high noise absorption capacity, low thermal conductivity, high plasticity and low weight, technological and economical installation.

Compliance with the passport operating conditions guarantees a 50-year service life of the products.

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