Single-layer pipe PERT

Single-layer pipe PERT


Single-layer pipes made of polyethylene of increased temperature resistance PE-RT are intended for use in drinking and household-drinking systems, cold and hot water supply. If there are no restrictions on the content of dissolved oxygen in the coolant, it is possible to use it in systems of water low-temperature (up to 80 ° C) heating, water heated floors and walls, soil heating, as well as as process pipelines transporting liquids that are not aggressive to pipe materials.

The material PERT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature resistance) is a heat-resistant polyethylene. This material is obtained by replacing "flat" butene in a chemical reaction with octene, which has a structure branched in space. Subsequently, it forms side branches near the main chain, which are intertwined monomer chains.

Thanks to this structure, PERT acquires properties such as increased long-term heat resistance and increased strength, but retains the flexibility inherent in conventional polyethylene.

The advantages of pipes made of heat-resistant polyethylene are high strength and heat resistance, resistance to corrosion, overgrowth, silting and salt deposition; high chemical resistance, resistance to mechanical damage, low roughness, high noise absorption capacity, low thermal conductivity, high plasticity and low weight, technological and economical installation.

Compliance with the passport operating conditions guarantees a 50-year service life of the products.

Model overview

Those. information

Single-layer pipe PERT (1,2,4, XB service classes)
vendor code Name Color
PERT 1 1620B Trumpet PERT 16,0 х 2,0 Palanzh Red/Blue
PERT 1 2020B Trumpet PERT 20,0 х 2,0 Palanzh Red/Blue

Geometric characteristics of pipes PERT

  16×2,0 20×2,0
Outside diameter, mm 16 20
Wall thickness, mm 2 2
Inner diameter, mm 12 16
Standard Dimension Ratio SDR 8 10
Series S 3,5 4,5
Weight 1 r.m. pipes, g 84 108
Internal volume 1 r.m. pipes, l 0,113 0,201
Pipe length in a coil, m 200 200
Minimum bending radius, mm 80 100

Pipe specifications PERT

Service class according to GOST 32415 1,2,4,ХВ
Maximum working pressure, MPa. Trumpet 16×2,0





Maximum working pressure, MPa. Trumpet 20×2,0





Working temperature Тslave, °С 70
Maximum working temperature Тmax, °С 80
Short-term (emergency) temperature Тemer, °С 100
Thermal conductivity coefficient, W / m ∙ K 0,38
Linear expansion coefficient, mm / m ∙ K 0,15
Equivalent roughness coefficient, mm 0,007
Service life subject to the passport operating conditions, years 50

* The pipe does not have an anti-diffusion layer, therefore its oxygen permeability exceeds 0.1 g/м3•day., what to consider when designing heating systems.

Pipe packing specifications PERT

  16×2,0 20×2,0
Pipe length in a coil, m 200* 200*
Coil dimensions (LxWxH), mm 700 х 700 х 220 700 х 700 х 220
Coil weight, kg 16,8 21,6
Bay volume, m3 0,085 0,102
Number of coils on a pallet, pcs. 14 14




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