MTK water meters for temperatures up to 40 °C


The ZENNER MTK / MTK-N / MTK-I-N multi-jet drywall is a versatile and robust water meter. For remote transmission of readings, the meters can be equipped with innovative additional devices, such as an impulse sensor and a radio module. The general house water meter ZENNER MTK is perfect for any requirements and installation conditions. Household water meters are impeller-driven water meters that have been proven many times over in practice and are designed to measure high flow rates.

Even under high load, they are characterized by the highest measurement accuracy and stability. The installation of common house water meters can reduce the excessive consumption of cold water by residents of apartment buildings.
As standard, the meter cover is supplied in imitation glass, but it can also be supplied in a version with durable natural glass for installation in mines.

MTK standard meters are equipped with a 5-roller counting mechanism. This meter is also available in different versions, for example with a steel support rod made of stainless steel, or with a retrofit of a pulse encoder with different pulse prices. The maximum working pressure is 16 bar. The MTK-I-N version is supplied with a pulse encoder (Reed) for remote reading of data.

  • Counter cover made of high-quality UV-resistant plastic
  • Water meter for horizontal pipelines
  • MID compliant water meter
  • Option MTKI-N with pulse output (Reed) for remote data reading system
  • Standard resolution 10 L / pulse, options 1000 L / pulse, 100 L / pulse, 1 L / pulse


Principle of operation Multi-jet water meters
Face-to-face length without fittings 110 mm
115 mm
145 mm
165 mm
170 mm
190 mm
260 mm
Counting mechanism dry ship
dry ship with degree of protection IP 68
Nominal flow Qn Qn 1,5
Qn 2,5
Qn 3,5
Qn 6
Qn 10
Qn 15
Nominal diameter DN (mm) DN 15
DN 20
DN 25
DN 32
DN 40
DN 50
Nominal size DN (Inch) 1/2 "
3/4 "
1 1/4"
1 1/2"
Water temperature cold water until 40° C
Counter readings in cubic meters (м³)
Additional options magnetic field protection
"glass" plastic
Kupfer-Einsatz mit Schutzklasse IP 68
Mineral glass
Counting mechanism with "wiper"
Body material brass
Metrological class at horizon. position (мах.) R 125
Metrological class at vertical. position (мах.) R 50
Maximum working pressure MAP 16

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