Multi-line meter with digital output


The multi-jet water meter is highly reliable and has a minimum reading error. This is achieved by splitting the water flow into several jets before hitting the impeller. Multi-jet water meters have proven to be excellent for use in apartments, private homes, shops, restaurants and other commercial facilities. The presence of a digital output allows them to be integrated into a single automated system for accounting and control of water consumption. 

Data is transmitted over wires to a separately installed device, which allows the meter to be mounted in a basement, well, or other hard-to-reach place.


  • The ability to wirelessly read data without access to the house, basement, well
  • IP68 protection - suitable for flooded areas
  • External magnetic field sensor
  • Inductive data acquisition
  • Ease of installation and system reliability (no unnecessary commutations)
  • Leak detection
  • Open exchange protocol
  • Increased service life of a multi-jet measuring capsule
  • Readings archive
  • Automatic synchronization of meter readings and system


Technical data  
Pressure loss at qp, MPa <0,025
Nominal pressure, MPa 1,6
Permissible error in the range Qt ≤ Q ≤ Qmax, % 2
Permissible error in the range Qmin ≤ Q ≤ Qt, % 5
Medium temperature, °С 5...120
Number in the Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation 56351—14
Features of the Ду15 Ду20 Ду25 Ду32 Ду40 Ду50
Metrological class according to GOST Р 50193.1 А/В А/В А/В А/В А/В А/В
Water consumption, m³/h  
— the greatest, Qmах 3,0 5,0 7,0 12,0 20,0 30,0
— nominal, Qn 1,5 2,5 3,5 6,0 10,0 15,0
— transition, Qt 0,15/0,12 0,25/0,2 0,35/0,28 0,6/0,48 1,0/0,8 4,5/3,0
— least, Qmin 0,06/0,03 0,1/0,05 0,14/0,07 0,24/0,12 0,4/0,2 1,2/0,45

Model overview

Those. information


OT certificate multi-jet water meters Download
Passport - Multi-jet water meters "Pulsar" M (copper register IP68) Download
Hygienic conclusion multi-jet water meters Download
TC declaration multi-jet water meters Download



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