MNK-RP water meters with roller protection


On a ZENNER water meter, type MNK-RP, the counting rollers are located in a separate sealed chamber filled with a special protective liquid.

Since the counting rollers no longer come into contact with water and sediments, data acquisition is possible even with severe contamination or a high iron content in the water. The MNKI-RP-N version is supplied with a pulse generator (Reed) for remote reading of data.

  • Special protection for counter rollers
  • Counter cover made of high-quality mineral glass or UV-resistant plastic
  • Water meter for horizontal pipelines
  • MNKI-RP version with pulse encoder (Reed) for remote data reading
  • MID certified


Principle of operation Multi-jet water meters
Face-to-face length without fittings 110 mm
165 mm
170 mm
175 mm
190 mm
260 mm
270 mm
300 mm
Body material brass
Counting mechanism wet walker
wet walkway with roller protection
Nominal flow Qn Qn 1,5
Qn 2,5
Qn 3,5
Qn 6
Qn 10
Qn 15
Nominal diameter DN (mm) DN 15
DN 20
DN 25
DN 32
DN 40
DN 50
Water temperature cold water until 40° C
cold water until 50° C
Counter readings in cubic meters (м³)
Additional options "glass" plastic
Mineral glass
Metrological class at horizont. position (мах.) R 200
Metrological class at vertical. position (мах.) R 80
Maximum working pressure MAP 16

Model overview

Those. information


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