MNK / MNK-I water meters for temperatures up to 40 ° C


The ZENNER MNK / MNK-I water meter, which has proven itself a million times in operation, is designed for general house water metering and complies with MID standards. Constant technical modernization guarantees the most accurate measurement results and is the most stable in long-term use. Its design, thought out to the last detail, guarantees excellent circulation, minimal bearing stress and a long service life for the MNK / MNK-I sensor.

The MNK meter is available in various sizes and assembly lengths. The standard model is equipped with a plastic cover ring and the housing is available in several versions. Standard brass body without varnished (optional varnished), with markings. As an alternative, ZENNER offers MNK meters with a lacquered brass body without marking.

In addition, there is the MNK-N model, which can be retrofitted with a pulse encoder for remote data reading.

If a wet pass with a pulse output is required, priority is given to the MNK-I.
It combines all the advantages of conventional MNK, as an industrial product, with the ability to remotely poll meter states. At any time, it is possible to be included in the home appliances control system or to connect to remote counting modules, such as, for example, radio systems.

  • The multi-jet vane meter in wet-flow design is equipped with a state-of-the-art transmission
  • The housing can be supplied in different versions
  • Model MNK-N can be retrofitted with a pulse encoder
  • MNK-I version with pulse output (Reed) for remote reading systems
  • Supplied as standard with 100 l / imp., On request - with 10 l / imp.
  • Reliable, proven water meter a million times over
  • Counter cover made of high-quality mineral glass, optionally made of UV-resistant plastic
  • Water meter for horizontal pipelines
  • MID certified


Principle of operation Multi-jet water meters
Counting mechanism wet walker
Face-to-face length without fittings 110 mm
115 mm
145 mm
165 mm
175 mm
190 mm
200 mm
220 mm
260 mm
300 mm
Body material/th> brass
Nominal flow Qn Qn 1,5
Qn 2,5
Qn 3,5
Qn 6
Qn 10
Qn 15
Nominal diameter DN (mm) Ду 15
DN 20
DN 25
DN 32
DN 40
DN 50
Nominal size DN (Inch) 3/4 "
1 1/4"
1 1/2"
Water temperature cold water until 40° C
cold water before 50° C
Counter readings in cubic meters (м³)
Additional options Mineral glass
Metrological class at horizon. position (мах.) R 200
Metrological class at vertical. position (мах.) R 80
Maximum working pressure MAP 16

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