Tempesta shower systems


Tempesta shower systems are distinguished not only by their presentable appearance, but also by many functional advantages that are responsible for creating an unrivaled shower experience. For example, the 390 mm long shower arm pivots in both directions, allowing you to set the optimal water flow angle for the most pleasant experience. The sliding hand shower holder slides up and down the shower bar with ease, so users of all sizes can enjoy the luxurious sensations of this shower system.


  • Technology GROHE DreamSpray ensures the most accurate and even distribution of water flow to all nozzles of the shower head.
  • Chrome plated GROHE StarLight creates a wear-resistant surface with the highest ability to resist dirt and abrasion.
  • Injectors SpeedClean prevents limescale from forming and makes it easier to clean the shower head.
  • To prevent burns and extend the life of the chrome plating, the showerheads are thermally insulated with internal ducts (Inner WaterGuide).

If you thought the perfect showering pleasure was familiar to you and couldn`t be better, the Tempesta thermostat shower system with 210 or 250 mm shower head gives you an even more luxurious experience with these technologies:

  • Technology GROHE TurboStat provide a stable supply of water at a given temperature in a fraction of a second and throughout the shower.
  • Temperature limiter GROHE SafeStop prevents accidental setting above 38 ° C and thus prevents scalding.
  • Function GROHE SafeStop Plus allows you to install an additional temperature limiter of 43 ° C.
  • Механизм GROHE Twistfree prevents the hose from kinking and getting tangled — it always hangs straight.



Because quality is of the utmost importance, GROHE is constantly striving to offer its customers the very best products with the latest technology, and these criteria are fully met by the Tempesta 250 shower system. It is available with round and square shower heads and features a sophisticated design in a modern style, thanks to which it fits into any bathroom interior. The width of the shower head for the Tempesta 250 shower system has been increased to 250 millimeters - this provides a more even coverage of the body with the flow of water when showering. The large shower head delivers water in a soft and gentle stream of drops with a certain rhythm and pattern, which has a soothing effect on the skin. In the Rain spray mode, simulating a gentle summer rain, a voluminous stream of drops evenly envelops the body, relieves stress, refreshes and relaxes.

Built-in GROHE EcoJoy technology provides Tempesta shower systems with the constructive ability to conserve water and energy, thus conserving valuable resources. The water flow limiter reduces this figure to the limit of 9.5 liters per minute – while saving water up to 40% in relation to standard parameters, but this does not affect the sensation of the flow of water, which remains impeccable.


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