простота дизайна

Sculptural simplicity of design

Thanks to their clean lines, Eurocube taps blend seamlessly with modern bathrooms. The Eurocube collection features a full range of taps in sizes (S to XL) and functionalities, making it easy to create a harmonious bathroom set. In the Eurocube collection you will find mixers for sinks, baths, showers and bidets — all of them are distinguished by their expressive silhouette and design in a uniform style, embodied in every detail. The interior engineering of Eurocube mixers draws on decades of experience and dedication from GROHE`s craftsmen, thanks to which you will enjoy precise and smooth water temperature control and many other benefits for years to come. The GROHE Eurocube collection brings sculptural grace, functionality and comfort to every bathroom style and layout.

Три качественных цветных покрытия

Three quality colored finishes from the collection GROHE Colors

In addition to great functionality, the GROHE Eurocube collection enriches your experience by interacting with key technological innovations in bathroom furnishings – colored coatings. All items in the collection come in a dazzling GROHE chrome finish, but you can also choose from the new color finishes from the GROHE Colors — for example, exquisitely architectural Super Steel coating or the tactilely pleasant and modern Dark Graphite Matt finish. The innovative GROHE PVD technology is applied to these highly aesthetic finishes, ensuring durability and resistance to abrasion and scratching. The GROHE Eurocube collection is available in a variety of color-coordinated options to easily create the perfect combination for your bathroom.



For fans of ultra-modern, clean design looking for a truly expressive kitchen or bathroom, GROHE has created the Eurocube collection. Award-winning progressive design and the craftsmanship of German engineers renowned for GROHE are embodied in the GROHE Eurocube collection in kitchen and bathroom faucets and showers and accessories in a truly Cubist form. Express your style boldly with GROHE Eurocube.


Clarity, conciseness, cubist forms

The design of the GROHE Eurocube collection, inspired by the geometric perfection of the cube, is intended to bring clarity and dynamism to the bathroom. In the face of the intense pressures of modern life, we value the atmosphere of quality and sophistication in the bathroom, which can be created by the clear and solid lines of the Eurocube. GROHE Eurocube taps offer a timeless silhouette and bold aesthetics combined with superior functionality.

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