GROHE Blue Pure

GROHE Blue Pure

Refreshing simplicity

The unique GROHE Blue Pure water systems provide you with fresh, fine-tasting filtered water that can be drawn directly from the kitchen faucet as needed – daily and around the clock. A filter timer will notify you when the filter needs to be replaced after a year of use. A filter replacement is easy to purchase from the GROHE online store.

GROHE Blue Pure

GROHE Blue and BWT

Water – it is not only the most valuable resource on the planet, but also the basis for the existence of all living things. The foundation of the reputation of GROHE and BWT – European leaders in the field of water use & ndash; are the principles of safety, hygiene and the highest quality standards. By combining our know-how and experience, we have created fundamentally new water supply systems.


GROHE Blue Pure – an alternative solution for those who prefer the natural taste of still drinking water at a natural temperature. Using the unique GROHE Blue filtration technology, the system turns regular tap water into fresh drinking water, removing all taste-impairing substances. The faucet has a GROHE StarLight chrome finish and separate internal passages for filtered and unfiltered water. This makes the great taste of GROHE Blue water available to those who prefer normal temperature drinking water without any signs of carbonation. The GROHE Blue filter cartridge is designed to filter up to 3000 liters of water and is easy to replace. It provides the water with a clean, refreshing taste without traces of chlorine and unpleasant odors.



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