OP fitting system PPSU

ONE PLUS PPSU fittings are made from a special polymer - Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU).

PPSU joints are characterized by high impact strength, high temperature resistance (up to +170 ° C) and aggressive environments. Like other plastics, PPSU does not corrode. PPSU compounds are also UV resistant and free from the formation of deposits of dissolved minerals in the water.

Various types of PPSU plastics are widely used in equipment for the food industry (dairy machines, filter panels, heat exchangers) and for medical components subject to repeated cleaning and sterilization: attachments for holders of endoscopic surgical devices, handles for dental and surgical instruments.

Such modern plastics are successfully replacing metals, providing significant savings in traditional materials, energy resources, labor costs and operating costs. Plastic fittings ONE PLUS PPSU are designed for use in cold and hot water supply systems, radiator and underfloor heating systems.

PPSU fittings have the following specifications:

  • maximum allowable working pressure: 10 bar;
  • test pressure is 16 bar;
  • maximum permissible temperature of the transported medium: 95 ° С;
  • service life: 50 years (subject to the temperature conditions given in GOST 32415-2013);
  • melting point +170 ° C;
  • approved for use in drinking water supply systems;
  • warranty: 10 years.

Health and safety

PPSU is also used for tableware and food packaging due to its better safety characteristics. This material has high temperature resistance exceeding 200⁰C, chemical resistance to moisture and acidic environment, impact resistance.

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