Design of sections HW, AHW, IHP

The main task of designing heating, water supply and ventilation systems is to determine indicators of the amount of energy and methods of distribution. In other words, to calculate and design a flow control system to ensure the operation of the system with the highest efficiency with the least energy and heat consumption. A room or room can have many pieces of furniture, partitions, windows and doorways, which must be taken into account to calculate the volume of heat-transfer elements, radiators, the number of radiators, and their location in the room. It is also necessary to take into account the ability to assimilate heat by materials from which furniture, walls, floors and ceilings are made.

heating systems design

Heating systems are the main tool, with the help of which you can easily maintain a comfortable temperature in the room for living or working. Today there is also an automated control system for heating and ventilation equipment, which requires design with an equally responsible approach.

For the design of the heating and ventilation system, certain knowledge in the field of materials science is required, therefore the design of the heating system must be trusted by professionals. Our team will design and draw up the necessary documentation, offer the most suitable solution, help you select the necessary materials and equipment, and our qualified workers will carry out a high-quality assembly.

Design cost from 10,000 rubles

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