Installation of individual heating points

Nowadays, no building can do without heat supply. In order to reduce the cost of energy consumption during the heating season, any owner of a building, whether it is: a production facility, a residential building, an office building, a store or an entertainment facility, can provide a comfortable temperature regime for residents, staff and visitors by ordering a project and installation of an individual heating point (ITP) in our company "Heat Workshop". Our engineers and specialists have vast experience in the design and installation of ITPs in buildings of any type. For high efficiency of the ITP, it is necessary to correctly select the equipment, to install the ITP, to reduce costs, to select and mount automation tools for accounting and control. Automation will allow you to track and order maintenance of ITP and its equipment on time.
All work on the implementation of ITP is carried out in several stages:

installation of an individual heating point

Heating system preparation

At this stage, equipment and tools are delivered, a room for ITP is prepared, disconnection from external heating networks, preparation of the building heating pipeline, if necessary, a new pipeline is installed and heat exchange equipment is placed.
Typically, such works take from one day to a week, depending on the size of the building.

Locksmith welding works

At this stage, our specialists produce:

installation of an individual heating point

Electrical work

At this stage:

Sealing and putting into operation.

installation of an individual heating point

Our company "Workshop Heat" has carried out more than 500 works on the installation of ITPs and our specialists have vast experience in the implementation of installation work of heat supply systems.

The cost of installing ITP by agreement

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