Gauge pressure sensors (transducers)


The Pulsar sensor, developed by SPE TEPLOVODOKHRAN, is a necessary element of the system for automatic accounting of the parameters of housing and communal services networks. This gauge pressure transducer is designed for measurements in water supply and heating systems, converting data into a standardized electrical signal and transmitting it to a control device that controls.
Advantages of Pulsar sensors


  • Calibration interval 4 years with an error of 0.5%
  • Resistance to water hammer
  • Low power version for self-powered systems

The operation of any automated monitoring and control system, as well as systems for automatic metering of energy resources, is based on the information received about the measured parameters - temperature, pressure and other necessary information.

Information is obtained using special sensors that convert the received data into signals that can be processed and taken into account by the data collection and transmission devices included in the system. To take readings about the state of pressure in the system and convert them into an analog signal, special pressure transducers are used. The devices are suitable for measuring pressure in various liquids and gaseous media.

The main areas where PDTVH sensors are used include:

  • water and heat supply metering systems;
  • equipment for automatic accounting systems;
  • control systems.


Technical data  
Measured medium gas, liquid, steam
Upper limits of measurements, MPa 0,1; 0,25; 0,4; 0,6; 1,0; 1,6; 2,5; 4,0; 6,0; 10,0; 16,0; 25,0; 40,0; 60,0
Limits of permissible basic error, % 0,25; 0,5
Measured medium temperature range, 0С from minus 45 to plus 110 (if this temperature is exceeded, a radiator should be used)
Output signal range  
DC current, mA 4..20
constant voltage, V 0..5; 0..10
Power supply of converters, V DC 9...36
Ambient temperature, 0С from minus 40 to plus 80
Degree of protection IP65, IP68
Weight, g, no more 200
Overall dimensions of the pressure sensor  
дdiameter, mm, no more, 38
length, mm, no more 150
Connecting wires DIN 43650C connector, PC4 connector, special connector for metal hose attachment
Calibration interval for pressure transducer 4 years
Explosion protection marking 0ExiallCT5
System connection М20х1,5

Model overview

Those. information


Type approval certificate SI PDTVH-1 Download
Description of type SI PDTVH-1 Download
Passport - PRESSURE CONVERTERS PDTVH-1-02-01 Download
Passport - PRESSURE CONVERTERS PDTVH-1-02 Download
Passport - PRESSURE CONVERTERS PDTVH-1-04-01 Download
Passport - PRESSURE CONVERTERS PDTVH-1-04 Download
Declaration ПДТВХ-1 Download



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