Single-rate single-phase electricity meter


Designed for measurement and accounting of active energy in 2-wire AC circuits of industrial frequency.
Produced in accordance with GOST 31818.11-2012, GOST 31819.21-2012, technical specifications YUTLI.422821.001TU
Number in the state register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation: 76979-19


  • Made in Russia
  • Small size DIN rail housing
  • Optical pulse output, flash rate proportional to power consumption
  • Average service life - 32 years
  • Calibration interval - 16 years
  • MTBF - 318 160 hours
  • Double insulated counter
  • 100% testing and fair verification


Technical data  
Accuracy class for active energy measurement 1 according to GOST 31819.21-2012
Rated voltage 230 B
Rated / maximum current 5/60 А
Mains frequency 50±3,0 Gz
Starting current, mA 20 mA; 40 mA
Apparent and active power consumed by the voltage circuit at rated voltage and rated frequency no more 10 В·А (2,0 Вт) respectively
Apparent power consumed by the current circuit at rated voltage and rated frequency no more 0,3 В·А
Operating temperature range -40 °С..+60 °С
Degree of protection against ingress of water and dust IP51
Weight no more than 0.4 kg
dimensions 65x100x83 mm
Features of the Electromechanical
Ratio 1600 (800) imp./kWh
Features of devices Readout devices with backstop and magnetic protection
Data transmission interface Optical port, pulse output

Model overview

Those. information


Certificate of type approval of measuring instruments Download
Passport Electricity meter "Pulsar" 1sh-1-5 / 60-0-1-0 Download
Passport Electricity meter "Pulsar" 1sh-1-5-60-0-2-0 ZhKI Download
Vehicle declaration Electricity meters Download
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