Visual readable multi-jet water meter


The Pulsar multi-jet water meter can be used both in the residential and commercial sectors. It differs from single-jet in higher reliability and accuracy of indications. Before hitting the impeller blades, the water flow is split into several jets. Due to this, the load on the working element is reduced, and, accordingly, the level of error.

Indicators of the volume of liquid used are shown on the display. They are read by the user or authorized employees of the utilities (management company) and transferred for further processing.


  • The ability to wirelessly read data without access to the house, basement, well
  • Degree of protection IP54 or IP68 (suitable for flooded areas)
  • External magnetic field sensor
  • Inductive data acquisition
  • Ease of installation and system reliability (no unnecessary commutations)
  • Leak detection
  • Open exchange protocol
  • Increased service life of a multi-jet measuring capsule
  • Readings archive
  • Automatic synchronization of meter readings and system


Technical data  
Pressure loss at qp, MPa <0,025
Nominal pressure, MPa 1,6
Permissible error in the range Qt ≤ Q ≤ Qmax, % 2
Permissible error in the range Qmin ≤ Q ≤ Qt, % 5
Medium temperature, °С 5...120
Number in the Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation 56351—14
Features of the Ду15 Ду20 Ду25 Ду32 Ду40 Ду50
Metrological class according to GOST Р 50193.1 А/В А/В А/В А/В А/В А/В
Water consumption, m³/h  
— the greatest, Qmах 3,0 5,0 7,0 12,0 20,0 30,0
— nominal, Qn 1,5 2,5 3,5 6,0 10,0 15,0
— transition, Qt 0,15/0,12 0,25/0,2 0,35/0,28 0,6/0,48 1,0/0,8 4,5/3,0
— least, Qmin 0,06/0,03 0,1/0,05 0,14/0,07 0,24/0,12 0,4/0,2 1,2/0,45

Model overview

Those. information


OT certificate multi-jet water meters Download
Passport - Multi-jet water meters "Pulsar" M (copper register IP68) Download
Passport - Multi-jet water meters "Pulsar" M (plastic register) Download
Hygienic conclusion multi-jet water meters Download



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