Padus PRO

Padus PRO M05/T015-540 - 288810.00 To order
Padus PRO M05/T015-540/A - 375390.00 To order
Padus PRO M05/T025-540 - 329220.00 To order
Padus PRO M05/T025-540/A - 416970.00 To order
Padus PRO M05/T039-540 - 423720.00 To order
Padus PRO M05/T039-540/A - 512550.00 To order
Padus PRO M08/T039-540 - 456300.00 To order
Padus PRO M08/T039-540/A - 559710.00 To order
Padus PRO M08L/T039-540 - 470880.00 To order
Padus PRO M08L/T039-540/A - 559710.00 To order
  • High reliability when working in abrasive media thanks to rubber-coated hydraulics and impeller made of Duplex chrome-plated steel
  • Easy installation due to low weight and flexible connection to the discharge port (vertical / horizontal).
  • Active cooling for reliable continuous operation
  • Continuous operation with air suction for passive cooling
  • Ease of maintenance due to quick access to wear parts.
  • The pump is equipped as standard with an IE3 electric motor.
  • Highest operational reliability thanks to integrated protection function.

The Wilo-Padus PRO is the ideal submersible drainage pump for trench drainage. Thanks to its robust design, a combination of wear-resistant materials and passive cooling in suction mode, the IE-3 motorized submersible drainage pump is particularly well suited for continuous duty in abrasive environments. Its low weight and flexible discharge connection make it versatile. Quick access to critical parts simplifies commissioning and maintenance. The Wilo-Padus PRO also has full digitalisation options, which allows future maintenance work to be planned optimally.


  • Mains connection: 3 ~ 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Max. immersion depth: 20 m
  • Pumped liquid temperature: 3 ... 40 ° C
  • Cable length: 23 m
  • Discharge connection: Storz coupling size B
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