RainSystem AF400

RainSystem AF400 2MP304DM/RCH2+1 - 614160.00 To order
RainSystem AF400 2MP305DM/RCH2+1 - 618300.00 To order
RainSystem AF400 2MP603DM/RCH2+1 - 635760.00 To order
RainSystem AF400 2MP604DM/RCH2+1 - 643680.00 To order
RainSystem AF400 2MP605DM/RCH2+1 - 657450.00 To order
  • Low noise level due to optimized flow and noise performance (multistage centrifugal pumps)
  • High operational reliability thanks to the fully electronic Rain-Control Hybrid
  • High efficiency thanks to flow-rate-dependent fresh water replenishment
  • Automatic feed pump control system
  • Low voltage set / level control system
  • Tested according to the test rules according to the RAL quality instructions GZ 994

A type

Automatic rainwater utilization system with collecting tank and 2 non-self-priming pumps


Hybrid-System for industrial use of rainwater in combination with cisterns and reservoirs and for saving drinking water.

Explanation of the name

  • Example Wilo-AF 400-2 MP 304 EM
  • AF Automatic rainwater utilisation and drinking water replenishment system (Aqua Feed)
  • 400 Nominal content of replenishment reservoir (hybrid tank) (l)
  • 2 Number of pumps
  • MP Non self-priming, horizontal, multistage centrifugal pump of the MultiCargo MP series
  • 3 Volume flow (m3/h) at optimum efficiency
  • 04 Number of stages
  • EM Single-phase AC motor 1~230 V, 50 Hz
  • Max. working pressure 10 bar
  • Protection class IP54
  • Connections:
    • Pressure line / pressure side, storage line system R 1 ½
    • Inlet pipe HT 50
    • Drainage connection DN 100
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