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Wilo PE-350 EA Non-self-priming multistage centrifugal pump for automatic water supply, pressure boosting in single and two-family houses. Quiet operation due to the use of an electric motor with cooling of the pumped liquid.

Advantages of PE-350EA Wilo

  • Energy saving: the use of inventory technology can save up to 20% energy.
  • Increased durability due to reinforced parts.
  • Automatic operation: pressure control system by sensor.
  • Low noise level: no more than 50 dB.
  • Protection and alarm function: active pump protection system.
  • LED panel: simple operation and status monitoring.
  • The provision of a long cycle time for the pump on / off is achieved by increasing the volume of the head tank.

Equipment PE-350EA Wilo

Built-in pressure sensor:

  • automatic mode (pump on / off pressure);
  • dry running protection (pump shutdown pressure), the pump is shut down automatically;
  • overpressure protection (at 5 bar), the pump switches off automatically.

Built-in temperature sensor:

  • protection against blocking of the electric motor (> 65 ° C), the pump switches off automatically;
  • overheating protection (> 65 ° C), the pump switches off automatically;
  • frost protection (≤ 4 ° C), the pump starts automatically.

Automatic modes:

  • The pressure is maintained at 0.9-1.4 kgf / cm².
  • The pressure is maintained at 1.15-1.6 kgf / cm².

Manual modes:

  • The drive is kept at a constant high speed.
  • A constant average drive speed is maintained.
  • Building type Private house
  • Purpose of use Increasing and maintaining pressure, Domestic water supply
  • Pump type Non-self-priming, Centrifugal, Booster
  • Maximum flow (m3 / h) 3.20
  • Maximum head (m) 20
  • Rated power (W) 450
  • Connection size (mm) 25
  • Connection type Threaded pipe
  • Features Dry-running protection, Overheating protection, Overload protection, Pressure switch, Automatic water supply system
  • Case material Plastic
  • Mains voltage (V / HZ) 1∼220 / 50
  • Weight (kg) 9
  • PE grade
  • Max. working pressure, bar 4
  • IPX4 protection
  • Liquid temperature (° C) 0 to +35
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