Yonos MAXO-Z

Yonos MAXO-Z 25/0,5-7 - 102600.00 To order
Yonos MAXO-Z 25/0,5-10 - 117270.00 To order
Yonos MAXO-Z 30/0,5-7 - 108090.00 To order
Yonos MAXO-Z 30/0,5-12 - 122220.00 To order
Yonos MAXO-Z 40/0,5-8 - 165060.00 To order
Yonos MAXO-Z 40/0,5-12 - 175230.00 To order
Yonos MAXO-Z 50/0,5-9 - 227520.00 To order
Yonos MAXO-Z 65/0,5-12 - 378720.00 To order

Wilo-Yonos MAXO-Z is an efficient circulation pump for the hygienic provision of hot water supply in rental, administrative and industrial facilities. The LED display can always be used to read information about the head, speed steps and faults. The compact design and the Wilo plug for electrical connection simplify installation. The green button allows easy pump control.

A type

Glandless circulation pump with threaded or flange connection, electronically commutated motor with automatic speed control.


Drinking water circulation systems for industrial applications and equipment for buildings and structures.

  • Permissible drinking water temperature range up to 3.57 mmol / l (20 ° dH): 0 ° C to +80 ° C
  • Electrical connection to the network 1 ~ 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Protection class IPX4D
  • Threaded or flange connection (depending on type) Rp 1 to DN 65
  • Max. working pressure with standard version: 6/10 bar or 6 bar (special version: 10 bar)
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