Bimetallic radiator Oasis 500/100

Bimetallic radiator Oasis 500/100 - 429.68 To order

Bimetallic radiators are designed for heating multi-storey buildings. In these radiators, the section is made of steel vertical and horizontal collectors. The design completely excludes contact of the coolant with the aluminum body. The combination of an aluminum "body" and a steel "core" allows the device to be particularly robust and durable

Thanks to this technology, the device is maximally resistant to overpressure during water hammer in heating systems. The special design, vertical and horizontal fins of the bimetallic radiator improve air passage, which increases heat dissipation.

Radiators are supplied in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sections.

  • Model 500/100
  • Working pressure, atm 25
  • Test pressure, atm 38
  • Heat transfer, kW 139
  • Section capacity, l 0.18
  • Center distance, mm 500
  • Height, mm 558
  • Depth, mm 96
  • Width, mm 77
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