Shower set METALLIKA

Shower set METALLIKA - 6300.00 To order

Components are made of LS59 brass with chrome-nickel coating and stainless steel.

1. The stand should be installed on the wall after installing the mixer or faucet.
2. To put the "wall fastener" on the stand, unscrew the "counterpart" from the stand and remove the "nut G3 / 4 '' ', put on the fasteners, then assemble in the same sequence.
Attention, the counterpart has a left-hand thread.

To prevent vertical movement of the shower column, tighten the two white plastic screws under the decorative cap of the fasteners, then carefully cover all the decorative caps.

1. The recommended pressure is 2.5 bar.
2. Working temperature - up to 75 C°.
Working at pressure from 2 to 6.3 bar.

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