Wilo-DrainLift WS 40/50 Basic


  • Sealed sump for floor and underfloor installation
  • Flexibility due to the free choice of where to connect the supply pipe
  • Large tank volume
  • Including internal piping, level control, control unit and pump


Synthetic pump sump with integrated pump for use as underfloor pumping station or floor drainage system


Pumping of sewage without fecal matter that cannot be piped to the sewer system due to the natural height difference as well as drainage of objects that are below the backflow level.


Complete, ready-to-connect pump sump with pipes and pump.

Scope of delivery

  • Tank (for single or dual pump installation)
  • Integral piping
  • Ball check valve
  • Including pump
  • Level control of the system
  • Control box (for three-phase pumps or for dual-pump system)
  • Sealed lid (can withstand a human weight of up to 200 kg)
  • Ring cutter (Ø 124 mm), seal for supply line DN 100 (for pipes Ø 110 mm)
  • 1 PVC hose insert Ø 50 mm with clamps for connection of a hand membrane pump
  • Fixing material for attaching to the floor
  • Installation and operating instructions

Model overview


Product designation Article number
DrainLift WS 50E BASIC/UNI V05/M06-523 2547603
DrainLift WS50D BASIC/UNI V05/M06-523 2547604
DrainLift WS 40E BASIC/MINI3 V04/M06-523 2552860
DrainLift WS 40E BASIC/MINI3 V04/T06-540 2552861
DrainLift WS 40D BASIC/MINI3 V04/M06-523 2552862
DrainLift WS 40D BASIC/MINI3 V04/T06-540 2552863
DrainLift WS 50E BASIC/MINI3 V04/M06-523 2552864
DrainLift WS 50D BASIC/MINI3 V04/M06-523 2552865

Those. information

Explanation of the name

For example: Wilo-DrainLift WS 40E / TC40 (3 ~) -BV
WS Synthetic Mine Pumping Station
40 Unit pressure connection
E E = single pump unit, D = double pump unit
TC 40 Built-in pump
(3~) Three-phase electric motor
BV ball check valve


  • Supply: DN 100 / DN 150
  • Ventilation: DN 70
  • Maximum pressure in the discharge line: 1.5 bar.

Materials (edit)

  • Pump shaft: polyethylene
  • Piping system: 1.4404
  • Above water sleeve: polyurethane
  • Ball check valve: gray cast iron
  • Gate valve: bronze
  • Pump: gray cast iron

Description / construction

The Wilo-DrainLift WS 40 Basic is an automatic lifting unit that can be used as a single or double pump system. The synthetic material sump has built-in stiffening ribs for increased dimensional stability and float protection, and also offers free positioning of the supply connection points.


  • Supply: DN 100 / DN 150
  • Ventilation: DN 70
  • Maximum pressure in the discharge line: 1.5 bar.


A Wilo-Drain TC 40 submersible sewage pump was installed.


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