Turbine water meter with digital output

Turbine water meter with digital output - 19025.00 To order

Compared to vane devices, Pulsar turbine water meters have a long service life, so they are installed in commercial and industrial facilities, as well as in apartment buildings. When passing through the measuring unit, the flow of water drives the turbine, the number of rotations of which determines the volume of the liquid used. The device of this modification is equipped with a digital module RS485, which ensures the transmission of signals at a distance, therefore, to take readings, there is no need for direct access to the meter. The maximum transmission distance depends on the signal speed.

  • Permissible error in the range Qt ≤ Q ≤ Qmax,%: 2;
  • Permissible error in the range Qmin ≤ Q
  • Counting mechanism capacity, m3: 999999.999;
  • The smallest division price of the indicator device, m3: 0.001;
  • Number in the Register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation: 58381-14.
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