Relief valve MVI 1/2"*2 bar (SE.620.04)

Article: SE.620.04

# Characteristic Value
1 Maximum operating temperature of the medium, °C 120
2 Working pressure PN, bar 10
3 Safety valve connection thread 1/2"
4 Mounting position Vertical
5 Thread type Cylindrical


The valve is designed to discharge the working medium into the atmosphere or into the outlet pipeline when the pressure exceeds the setting pressure on hot water boilers, vessels and pipelines. Water, air, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, natural gas and other liquid and gaseous media that are neutral with respect to valve materials can be used as a working medium.

Produced in several versions:

  • Safety valve MVI 1/2*1.5 bar
  • Safety valve MVI 1/2*2.0 bar
  • Safety valve MVI 1/2*2.5 bar
  • Safety valve MVI 1/2*3.0 bar
  • Safety valve MVI 1/2*6.0 bar

Model overview

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