Magnetic filter for boiler MVI 3/4" (SE.901.05)

Article: SE.901.05

# Characteristic Value
1 Maximum operating temperature of the medium, °C 110
2 Minimum operating temperature of the medium, °C 0
3 Nominal pressure PN, bar 3
4 Filter element cell size, µm 800
5 Magnetic induction strength, Gauss 9000
6 Connection thread size 3/4"
7 Thread type Cylindrical
8 Capacity, m3/hour Cylindrical


Magnetic filters are designed to clean the coolant from mechanical and metallic impurities. The main area of ​​application is installation in front of heat generators (boilers, boilers). In the middle of the polymer case, there is a magnetic rod with a power of 9000 Gauss. The coolant enters the filter housing through a valve with a union nut, then enters the filter flask. Passing near the magnetic rod, all metal impurities in the water are attracted by the magnet and remain on its surface. Then the movement of water is directed perpendicularly upwards. The filter is installed on the return line of the heating system before entering the heat generator. Mechanical impurities are retained by an internal stainless steel filter element. The mesh can be easily cleaned by unscrewing the housing cover. After removing from the housing, the mesh should be rinsed with a stream of water.

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