Connection for meter MVI

Connection for meter MVI 1/2"х1/4" - 151.23 To order
Connection for meter MVI 3/4"x1" - 274.63 To order

Connection for meter MVI

  • Thread: 1/2"х1/4", Price: 151.23 ₽;
  • Thread: 3/4"x1", Price: 274.63 ₽;

Used to connect water meters. And the creation of threaded detachable connections. Has a hole on the body for sealing

List of liquids aggressive to product materials

List of materials leading to complete destruction in contact with fittings (seals) materials:

  • Concentrated nitric acid 80°C;
  • Amyl acetate 20°C;
  • Acetic acid anhydride 20-80°C;
  • Acetone 20°C;
  • Gasoline-benzene 20°C;
  • Tar 20°C;
  • Steam 130°C;
  • Hydrogen peroxide, aqueous 20°C;
  • Propylene oxide 20°C;
  • Sulfurous carbon 20°C;
  • Concentrated hydrochloric acid 20-60°C;
  • Methyl methacrylate 20°C;
  • Naphthalene 60°C;
  • Nitroglycerin 20°C;
  • Toluene 20°C;
  • Trichlorethylene 20°C;
  • Acetic acid aqueous 100°C;
  • Phosphoric acid 20°C;
  • Freon according to DN 8962 R22 20°C;
  • Chlorine and solutions based on it 20°C;
  • Perchloric acid 100°C;
  • Tsarskaya vodka 20°C;
  • Ethanol (alcohol) 80°C.


  • Maximum working temperature of the medium, °С: 120;
  • Nominal pressure PN, bar: 40;
  • Thread type: Cylindrical;
  • Service life, years: 30;
    • Service life, years, for:
    • - fittings without seals 30
    • - Fittings with seals 15
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