Shut-off valve MVI

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Shut-off valve MVI

Air vents are designed to remove gaseous impurities (usually air) from the coolant of heating systems. They can also be installed in cold and hot water supply systems. For more efficient operation, air vents are recommended to be installed at the highest point of the system where there is an accumulation of gaseous substances. The device works fully automatically. Does not require regulation. The shut-off valve is mounted on the external thread of the air vent and allows its dismantling without draining the heating or water supply system.


  • Maximum operating temperature of the medium, ° С: 110;
  • Minimum working temperature of the medium, ° С: -20;
  • Nominal pressure PN, bar: 10;
  • Test pressure, bar: 15;
  • Range of working pressures for optimal performance, MPa: 0.03 - 0.7;
  • Thread size for connection: 1/2 ";
  • Thread type: Cylindrical
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