ifferential pressure controller MVI 5-30 kPa

ifferential pressure controller MVI 5-30 kPa - 8110.87 To order

Differential pressure controller MVI 5-30 kPa

  • DN15 (1/2"), Price: 8110.87 ₽;
  • DN20 (3/4"), Price: 9104.04 ₽;
  • DN25 (1"), Price: 13076.71 ₽

The BL.510 regulator is used for balancing cooling and heating systems. It maintains a constant differential pressure regardless of flow rate changes and has the following characteristics: The selection of the desired differential pressure is set using the hex key on the handle; Supplied with 2 measuring nipples; The valve design does not require straight inlet and outlet piping to stabilize flow; Full overlap function; To flush the system, there is a function to turn off the pressure regulator when the valve is fully open.


  • Material: Brass CW617N;
  • Maximum working pressure: PN25;
  • Adjustment: Automatic;
  • Type of connection: Sleeve
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