Press fitting tee

Press fitting tee


Press fitting tee is designed to create a permanent connection of metal-polymer or PEX pipes.
Transitional models allow you to connect pipes of different diameters.
Pressing is carried out with a press tool with U-type nozzles.

vendor code The size Quantity in a package / in a box
PLT161616 16х16х16 12/120
PLT202020 20х20х20 12/96
PLT252525 25х25х25 12/48
PLT323232 32х32х32 12/24
PLT201616 20х16х16 6/96
PLT201620 20х16х20 6/96
PLT251625 25х16х25 6/48
PLT252025 25х20х25 6/48
PLT321632 32х16х32 6/24
PLT322532 32х25х32 6/24
PLT251616 25х16х16 6/48
PLT162016 16х20х16 3/96
PLT202016 20х20х16 3/96
PLT251620 25х16х20 3/48
PLT252020 25х20х20 3/48
PLT252520 25х25х20 3/48
PLT321625 32х16х25 3/24
PLT323225 32х32х25 3/16
PLT322525 32х25х25 3/24
PLT252016 25х20х16 3/48
PLT322032 32х20х32 2/24
PLT322025 32х20х25 2/24
PLT322520 32х25х20 2/24

Model overview

Those. information

Operation classes (according to GOST 32415-2013) - 1, 2, 4, 5, XB
Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Maximum operating temperature 90 ° C
Press tool nozzle type - "U"


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