Combined regulator for small, pressure independent circuits


Model overview

External thread

Threads comply with ISO 228.1 m capillary tube included

Наружная резьба

With internal thread

Thread according to ISO 228. Thread length according to ISO 7-1. With nuts Brass / AMETAL®

С внутренней резьбой

With external thread

Thread according to ISO 7-1 With nuts Brass

С внешней резьбой

Welded connection

With nuts Brass / steel 1.0045 (EN 10025-2)

Сварное соединение

Solder connection

With nuts Brass / Bronze CC491K (EN 1982)

Соединение под пайку

Connection with plain sleeves

For connection with a press socket With nuts Brass / AMETAL®

Соединение с гладкими патрубками

Compression connection

Use support bushings. For more information see the FPL connection catalog. Should not be used with pipes - PEX. Brass / AMETAL® Chrome Plated

Компрессионное соединение

Internal thread

Thread according to ISO 228. Thread length according to ISO 7/1. Without drainage (can be installed during operation).

Внутренняя резьба

Capillary tube connection kit

Комплект для подсоединения капиллярной трубки

Compression connection type KOMBI

Max. 100°C (For more information, see the catalog on the KOMBI connection.)

Компрессионное соединение типа KOMBI

Setting Tool

Used in pre-configuration. For TA-COMPACT-P / -DP and TA-Modulator (DN 15-32).

Настроечный инструмент

Measuring nipple, two-way

For connection to capillary tube when used with IMI TA measuring equipment.

Измерительный штуцер, двухходовой

Reducing nipple

For capillary tube with G1 / 16 connection.

Переходной ниппель

Reducing nipple

For capillary tube with G1 / 16 connection. For connection to IMI TA valves with drain.

Переходной штуцер

Capillary tube extension

Complete with fittings for 6 mm tube

Удлинитель для капиллярной трубки

Capillary tube

1 pc, complete with TA-COMPACT-DP.

Капиллярная трубка

Protective cap

For TA-COMPACT-P/-DP, TA-Modulator (DN 15-20), TBV-C/-CM, KTCM 512.

Защитный колпачок


For heating / cooling systems. Material: EPP. Fire safety class: E (EN 13501-1), B2 (DIN 4102). The hole for the capillary tube in the thermal insulation jacket is cut by hand.


Stem attachment

Recommended in conjunction with insulation to minimize the risk of condensation at the valve-to-actuator interface. M30x1.5.

Насадка на шток

Those. information


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