Tap AquaHit 3/4`` Rp-Rp, handle BV.311.05

Article: BV.311.05
# Feature Value
1 Nominal diameter DN, mm 15
2 Valve tightness class "A"
3 Operating temperature range, °C -20/divide; +120
4 Nominal pressure PN, bar 25
5 Average full service life, years 15
6 Maintainability Yes


AquaHit ball valves belong to shut-off valves and are not intended for flow regulation. They are designed to quickly shut off the flow at domestic pipelines for hot and cold water supply systems, heating. Do not create resistance to flow. Ball valves with semi-fittings allow connect devices that require periodic maintenance to the system.

Model overview

Those. information

The valve should not experience loads from the pipeline (bending, compression, stretching, torsion, distortions, vibration, misalignment of pipes, uneven tightening of fasteners). If necessary, supports or expansion joints should be provided to reduce the load on the valve from the pipeline. The valve has no direction of flow. Can be installed in any position, but in a visible, accessible place to ensure their complete and easy opening / closing. Sealing of coupling joints should be carried out using sealing materials: fum, sanitary flax, anaerobic sealant, sanitary thread. Excessive sealing material and excessive tightening torques can damage the valve and fitting. Before installing the valves, the pipeline must be free of scale and rust. At the end of their installation, heating and water supply systems must be flushed with water until it comes out without mechanical suspensions (SNiP 03.05.01). The valve must be securely fixed to the pipeline; leakage of the working fluid along the threaded part is not allowed. According to clause 4.1 of SNiP 3.05.01-85 `Internal sanitary systems` after installation, a gauge test of the system`s tightness must be carried out and drawn up in accordance with Appendix No. 3 to SNiPu. This test allows you to protect against leaks and damage associated with them.


# Part name Material Material grade according to norms
1 Ball Valve Brass ЛС-59-1 HPb56-4
2 Stock Brass ЛС-59-1 HPb56-3
3 Seat Rings Teflon Teflon PTFE
4 Stem Seal Teflon Teflon PTFE
5 Butterfly Nut Steel Ст3кп Q235
6 Locking nut Brass ЛС-59-1 HPb56-4
7 Lever Steel Ст3кп Q235
8 Small semi-hull Brass ЛС-59-2 CW617N
9 Large semi-hull Brass ЛС-59-2 CW617N




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