Eurosmart Cosmopolitan, DN 15 (30195000)

Product number 30195000
EAN 4005176919473
Color chromium




If you are looking for a kitchen faucet with a built-in shut-off valve and you have requirements such as durability, ease of maintenance and an affordable price, then Eurosmart Cosmopolitan is perfect for you. In order to turn off the water supply to the dishwasher, it is enough to close the valve located at the base of the mixer body, and you will be reliably protected from damage caused by malfunctions in the water supply system. However, the advantages of this mixer are not limited to this: in its cartridge

high-precision technology is used, which ensures smooth and easy control of the lever even after many years of use, and the coating is easy to clean: it is enough to wipe the mixer with a microfiber cloth. The superior quality of this Eurosmart Cosmopolitan kitchen faucet – functional, aesthetic and affordable – confirmed by rave reviews from many satisfied users.

  • with integrated shut-off valve
  • middle spout
  • single hole mounting
  • 31303000
  • Single-lever sink mixer
  • with tap water purification function
  • single hole mounting
  • C spout with aerator
  • filtered water handle
  • with ceramic axle-box
  • GROHE StarLight chrome finish
  • GROHE SilkMove ceramic cartridge Ø 46 mm
  • swivel tubular spout
  • swivel range 180 °
  • separate watercourses for drinking and tap water
  • flexible eyeliner
  • 64508001
  • Filter head
  • 40404001
  • Replacement filter for GROHE Blue
  • BWT production
  • Capacity 600 l at 20 ° dKH water hardness
  • 5-stage filtration
  • Reduces the content of substances that impair the taste and smell of water: chlorine, etc.
  • Reduces scale formation and heavy metal content
  • GROHE SilkMove 35mm ceramic cartridge
  • aerator
  • water flow control
  • swivel tubular spout
  • swivel range 140 °
  • fast assembly system
  • flexible eyeliner

Model overview

Those. information

PQ diagram and Spare parts

PQ Diagram
spare parts
* Optional accessories
1 Lever arm 46681000
2 Cap 46492000
3 Screw ring 46815000
4 Cartridge 46374000
5 Aerator 13929000
6 Seal kit 46760000
7 ceramic valve 46318000
8 Locking handle 46767000
8.1 Snap adapter 0538600M
9 Reverse threaded connection 46249000
10 Stabilizing panel 05334000
11 Key 19332000*
12 Mounting key 19017000*



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Technical information Download
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