Water meter MTW-ST in a riser with an upward flow for temp. up to 90 °C


For vertical installation in upflow pipes, the MTW dry pipe measuring insert is supplied in the upflow pipe housing. The water meter is ideal for all installation points on upflow pipes and makes verification replacement a simple procedure.
Compared to a vertically integrated standard water meter, the counter here continues to work in a horizontal position. Due to the associated low bearing load, a higher measurement stability can be achieved during long-term operation. Option MTW-ST-N can be retrofitted with a pulse generator for remote data reading.

  • Sight glass made of high quality UV-resistant plastic
  • Water meter for vertical water pipes (riser with an upward flow)
  • Horizontal position of the counting mechanism
  • Can be retrofitted with a pulse generator (MTW-ST-N)


Principle of operation Multi-jet water meters
Face-to-face length without fittings 105 mm
150 mm
Body material brass
Counting mechanism dry ship
dry ship with degree of protection IP 68
Nominal flow Qn Qn 2,5
Qn 6
Qn 10
Nominal diameter DN (mm) DN 20
DN 25
DN 40
Nominal size DN (Inch) 3/4 "
1 1/2"
Water temperature hot water before 90° C
Counter readings in cubic meters (м³)
Additional options magnetic field protection
Degree of protection IP 68
Mineral glass
moisture wipes
Counting mechanism с "wiper"
Metrological class at horizon. position (мах.) B

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