WILO pumping equipment for VTB Arena Park

WILO equipment was installed at VTB Arena - Dynamo Central Stadium named after Lev Yashin, which are part of the VTB Arena Park multifunctional site. WILO RUS specialists were involved in project implementation from design to commissioning. In November last year, permission was obtained to commission the facility "VTB Arena - Central Stadium" Dynamo "named after Lev Yashin".

VTB Arena

VTB Arena is a covered area designed for sports matches, business, concert and entertainment events of any level of complexity. The small arena can hold up to 14,000 spectators, depending on the configuration of the venue during the event. Changing the space of the site takes only a few hours. VTB Arena includes 44 VIP boxes for 6-11 people and 1 VVIP box for 60 people.

VTB Arena

"VTB Arena - Central Stadium" Dynamo "named after Lev Yashin" is an open-air stadium, the seats of which are protected by a canopy. The arena has a capacity of 26,121 people during a football match, and 33,000 people during a concert. The stadium has 26 VIP boxes for 13-20 people and 1 VVIP box for 102 people. Various innovative and energy-efficient solutions are used at the facilities, in particular, equipment for various heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage systems, each of which is equipped with WILO pumps.

VTB Arena

Due to a wide range of products and the availability of a production site, WILO RUS has supplied pumping equipment for various purposes in accordance with the customer's requirements. Working with this object from the moment of design to direct implementation, we managed to offer complex solutions based on modern energy efficient equipment, including those produced in Russia at the WILO plant in Noginsk. In total, more than 200 pumping units have been delivered equipment of various capacities and designs, including circulation pumps with a wet and dry rotor with a built-in and remote frequency converter, complete water supply and fire extinguishing installations, wastewater collection and disposal plants, submersible drainage and fecal pumps complete with automation, as well as equipment for water treatment. In addition, WILO RUS provided an additional guarantee.

“Such an object is rightfully called multifunctional, and this leaves an imprint on the engineering systems of the complex, which must cope with the variable load for each type of building or structure. For example, during the breaks of sports or entertainment events, a salvo discharge of waste water occurs, which requires the operation of water supply and sewerage systems at maximum performance. The rest of the time, when the operation of the facility takes place in the usual mode, the inflows in the drainage system are significantly lower, the water consumption is also lower. In this case, the pumping equipment must ensure the uninterrupted operation of engineering systems and work equally effectively in a wide range of feeds and pressures, ”notes Andrey Ivanov, Director of the Buildings and Constructions market segment at WILO RUS.

VTB Arena

VTB Arena Park is a complex reconstruction project of the Central Dynamo Stadium and the adjacent territory. It is designed to combine a modern approach to the sports and entertainment industry, and is also a harmonious combination of modernity and dynamism while maintaining the best sports and historical traditions. The object is an example of an innovative approach to organizing the living space of a metropolis. The project harmoniously combines sports, entertainment, commercial and residential facilities. In January 2019, two hockey matches have already been held in the new arena.


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