Features of WILO pumps for heating

One of the most important parts of a heating system is the pump. The water pressure in heating directly depends on the pump, the efficiency of the heating operation in general depends on the circulation of water in the heating and, accordingly, on the pump.

How to choose the right pump. There are many manufacturers and models of heating pumps on the market today.

Wilo pumps

The WILO company considers an important task for itself - the release of reliable equipment that can make the consumer's life comfortable. WILO pumps have different designs, different functions and applications. One of the most important advantages is economy.


Modern heating systems are designed according to the principle of natural circulation of hot water in it. But in some cases it is required to raise the pressure, the pressure in the heating system. It is in such situations that you need to know which pump should work in your heating system. Power is the most important indicator on which the water pressure in the heating system depends.
WILO pumps have the following advantages:

Owners of country houses, with a large area in particular, often have to solve the issue of heating the room. Natural circulation in the heating system of such a house is not always, and often, most often not effective. There are two solutions:

The second solution is more efficient and cheaper.
WILO pumps are produced in two types.

Dry rotor

These pumps are most often used in long-distance heating systems. The O-rings are designed for a three-year service life. In operation, the rotor remains dry, which increases the corrosion resistance of the surfaces of the parts. The efficiency of such a pump reaches 80%.

Wet rotor

These pumps are most often installed in short-haul systems. These pumps are equipped with an impeller. It should be noted that pumps of this type must be installed so that the shaft is in a horizontal position, it is with this option that water is retained in the housing. The efficiency of this type of pump does not exceed 50%.

Number of speeds

In the design of the pump, as a rule, a certain number of speeds are provided. WILO pumps are available in single and multi-speed.
Single speed
This type of pump operates at maximum engine power, there is no speed control system. These models are simple in technical and constructive design. More easy to operate and affordable.
Multi-speed pumps are designed for multiple speeds. This will save energy and help reduce pump wear. Modern pumps can be up to three, four speeds. This makes it possible to regulate the pressure in the heating system.

Which pump should you choose?

When choosing a pump, you need to take into account factors that can affect the robot of the heating system:

There should be taken into account quite a few factors that can affect the choice of a pump for heating. It is best to consult a specialist.


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