IMI Hydronic Engineering

IMI Hydronic Engineering is a European company specializing in the production of products for heating, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems. IMI Hydronics engineers create products of the highest quality. Thanks to reliable components, a system of any complexity can be created. The pursuit of innovation is based on the search for optimal hydraulic solutions. IMI-TA specialists take into account all the wishes and complaints of users. IMI Hydronics engineers have a clear understanding of what customers need.

IMI Company

IMI Hydronic Engineering BRAND FEATURES

The main goal of this manufacturer is to provide customers with optimal solutions in the following areas:

  • thermoregulation;
  • regulation and balancing;
  • maintaining high water quality, optimal pressure.

More than 100 thousand projects have been implemented in various countries of the world. They are the guarantee of high qualifications, reliability of specialists in the field of solving hydraulic problems of any scale.


The following types of products are presented in the IMI Hydronics catalog:

  • control valves, balancing valves, various differential pressure regulators;
  • radiator valves, thermostatic heads, actuators, thermostats;
  • valves, fittings, related products of various types;
  • sludge separators, air valves and degassing systems.


the world's largest manufacturer of thermostatic valves
systems for maintaining optimal pressure and high water quality
optimization of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems

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