The main activity of the company HORTUM is design and production:
- expansion joints of bellows, lens, rubber, fabric and bellows compensating devices with nominal dimensions from DN 15 to DN 12000 mm,


Designed to operate at temperatures from - 260 to 750 ° C and operating pressure from vacuum to 150 bar. In the manufacture of bellows, alloyed steels of 08X18H10T, 12X18H10T and Incoloy grades (for high temperatures) are used;
- metal hoses with a diameter of 6 to 300 mm in various versions, intended for joining various pipeline elements, for transporting various media, including aggressive and explosive, when:

  • Temperature from -200 to 550 ° C and operating pressure from vacuum to 800 bar;
  • The production is carried out on modern European equipment.
  • The products comply with ANSI, EJMA, DIN, GOST RF standards.
  • The quality system for the production of expansion joints is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001.

Products of the company HORTUM are widely used in all industries: in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry, in the metallurgical and energy complex, in the construction and shipbuilding industry, in mechanical engineering and light industry, in the automotive industry, in the food and chemical industry, in the main and intra-quarter heating networks. etc.

Thanks to high qualifications and extensive experience of designers and technologists, the use of high-tech equipment, the company is able to satisfy the needs of any customer, supplying not only serial products, but also special equipment manufactured according to individual drawings and technical requirements.

All products are certified, quality assurance. A copy of the certificate, passport and installation instructions are supplied with the expansion joints.


Scientific and Production Enterprise «Hortum» Ltd. - Russian plant-manufacturer of bellows expansion joints.

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