Fecal pump Oasis FP 150/6


Fecal pump Oasis FP 150/6
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Fecal pumps "making oasis everywhere" are designed to carry out the drainage of sewage and waste water for a small country house, cottage or summer cottage. The use of this unit is necessary when the height of the location or the remoteness of the sewer drain connection does not allow the establishment of gravity sewerage.
Fecal pumps "making oasis everywhere", unlike drainage models for dirty water, are capable of pumping unfiltered water containing a suspension of large particles up to 35 mm and working with aggressive alkaline media.

  • The parts of the device are made of durable heat-resistant plastic and stainless steel.
  • It is capable of pumping liquids with a large amount of large suspended matter.
  • Withstands contact with aggressive alkaline media.
  • It can be used for pumping highly chlorinated water.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Brand Oasis
  • Sewer pump type
  • Max. productivity, l / min 150
  • Head height 6 m
  • Immersion depth 8 m
  • Country of origin China
  • Maximum head 6 m
  • Country of assembly China
  • Pump installation vertical
  • Power consumption 0.4 kW
  • 1 year warranty
  • Power supply 220-240 / 1/50
  • Protection class IP44
  • Impeller material plastic
  • Fluids handled Heavily contaminated
  • Water quality is dirty
  • Permissible fluid temperature, ° C 0 - 35
  • Filtered particle size 35 mm
  • Weight 4.46 kg
  • Power cord length 10 m
  • Length 17 cm
  • Width 15.8 cm
  • Height 31.3 cm
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