These high quality design radiators are made in Austria. The design radiators manufactured by VOGEL & NOOT comply with many internationally recognized quality standards and manufacturing processes, and are ISO certified at all stages of production. An extraordinary object of attention in any room.


Model overview

Various sizes and variations of models

Various sizes and variations of models

length 510, 822, 1030 510, 822, 1030, 1238
Height 1600 1800
  • Connection: 3 x internal thread G 1/2, and 3 x internal thread G 1/4, (for vent and drain plugs)
  • Test pressure: 13 бар
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 бар
  • Maximum working temperature: 110 °C

Those. information

Connection examples

Connection examples

  • connection 3 x В/Р 1/2", 3 x В/Р 1/4" (for air vent and plugs) connectivity
  • test pressure 13 бар (1,3 МПа)
  • Max. operating pressure 10 бар (1,0 МПа)
  • Max. working temperature 110 °C

Additional equipment: electric heater.
The VELINO design radiator can be equipped with a heating element and then the radiator can be used outside the heating season.

Standard equipment included in the price of the radiator:

  • nickel-plated brass air vent, N / R 1/4 ”, swivel
  • two nickel-plated brass plugs, N / R 1/4 "
  • nickel-plated brass plug, N / R 1/2 "
  • a set of fasteners to match the color of the radiator
  • mounting accessory kit
  • installation instructions
Dimensions [mm]


Technical information about VELINO Download
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CE Marking and "DECLARATION OF QUALITY FEATURES, Declaration of Performance for Construction Products, Declaration of Performance" (DoP)

According to the EU Construction Products Regulation, products used in construction, including radiators and convectors without a built-in heating element, must be CE marked based on the harmonized product standards EN442, and have a "DECLARATION OF QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS, Declaration of performance of construction products, declaration of quality characteristics" (DoP). CE marking means that each individual product is manufactured in accordance with the process requirements for that type of product, established by the norms for its production, inspection and delivery. The Regulation entered into legal force on 1 July 2013.

RettigICC products carry the CE mark. "DECLARATION OF QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS, Declaration of performance for construction products, declaration of performance" issued by RettigICC, as well as documents with detailed information on the performance of individual products (see Appendices M and D) are provided in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Construction products ”(see the attached RICC Declaration of Performance in its latest edition and the documents to which it refers).

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