DAL 516

Differential pressure controller with adjustable setting and flow limitation


Model overview

DN 15-50

DN 15-50

DN 65-125

The kit includes a 1500 mm capillary tube (Ø6).

DN 65-125

With internal thread

Thread according to ISO 228. With nuts

С внутренней резьбой

With Rc female thread

The threads are in accordance with ISO 7-1 parameters. With nuts

С внутренней резьбой Rc

With external thread

Thread according to ISO 7.With nuts

С внешней резьбой

For welding

With nuts

Для сварки


Attention! To be used exclusively on the inlet side.


Flanged (extended)

Attention! To be used exclusively on the outlet side.

Фланцевое (удлиненное)

Capillary tube

Ø6 mm 1 pc, complete with DA 516.

Капиллярная трубка

Capillary tube connection

For tube Ø6 mm with connection R1 / 4 or R1 / 8. 1 pc, complete with DA 516.

Подключение капиллярной трубки

Connection set STAD

Used when connecting a STAD valve to a 6 mm capillary tube. Consists of 2 nipples (G1 / 2 and G3 / 4), 1 nut (Ø6 mm), 1 sealing cone and 1 sleeve - all included in the DA 516 scope of delivery.

Соединительный комплект STAD

Measuring points

Max. 120°C (short-term 150°C) AMETAL® / EPDM

Измерительные штуцеры

Capillary tube plug

For connecting capillary pipes Ø6 mm to STAF / STAF-SG.

Штуцер с запиранием для капиллярной трубки

Measuring nipple, two-way

For connection to 6mm copper tubing when using IMI Hydronic Engineering measuring or balancing instruments.

Измерительный штуцер, двухходовой

Measuring point, extension 60 mm

Can be installed without draining the system. AMETAL® / Stainless steel / EPDM

Измерительный штуцер, удлинитель 60 мм

Vent connection

Installed when using insulation. Stainless steel / EPDM / Brass

Вентиляционный штуцер




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