WILO has resumed the supply of Wilo-HiMulti 5 to the Russian market.

  WILO company, a leader in the development and supply of high-tech pumping systems, has resumed supplying the innovative Wilo-HiMulti 5 to the Russian market. 

Wilo-HiMulti 5 – A premium self-priming pump designed to provide uninterrupted water supply. The novelty guarantees a constant, comfortable water pressure, regardless of the number of plumbing fixtures simultaneously working in the house.

Wilo-HiMulti 5

Low energy consumption and optimal water pressure in Wilo-HiMulti 5 is achieved through the use of highly efficient hydraulics and continuous automatic control to the required flow and pressure. Thus, energy savings, compared to WILO unregulated pumps, reach 33%.

Other benefits include reduced noise levels and a new design with a green button. In addition, the pump housing is made of high-tech engineering plastic and stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.

At the same time Wilo-HiMulti 5 is equipped with protection against overpressure, against dry running, against overload, high and low voltage, as well as protection against rotor blocking, overheating and freezing.

Thanks to two soundproof casings created using WILO technology, the noise emitted Wilo-HiMulti 5 during its operation does not exceed 50 dBa. Low noise is also ensured by the fact that the pump has a water cooling jacket, instead of a cooling fan to remove heat.

"Three years ago we launched the premium pump Wilo-HiMulti 5 for a comfortable and safe water supply, as the demand for clean and safe water continues to grow and people become more demanding of drinking water. Wilo-HiMulti 5 is designed with the idea of ​​a minimum noise level during operation, which makes its use even more comfortable. The innovative product has passed the annual stage of refinement and improvement of technical solutions. Now we can say with confidence that this product is reliable and efficient in its operation, – notes Evgeniy Komissarov, Sales Manager in the market subsegment "Buildings and structures - Household".


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