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We hasten to inform you of important news - NPP "Hortum" LLC is expanding production capabilities. Now, apart from bellows expansion joints, NPP "Hortum" LLC produces distribution manifolds (manifolds) for heating systems.

Let's tell you a little about the new product. Distribution manifolds are made of carbon steel 20 in accordance with GOST 1050, with a corrosion-resistant coating. The combs have a simple and clear design and are easy to install.

Today, with the constant increase in requirements for comfortable living conditions and human activities, as well as saving energy resources, it is necessary to create modern energy-efficient heating systems for buildings for various purposes. After the entry into force of the Federal Law No. 261 "On Energy Saving and on Increasing Energy Efficiency", as well as with an increase in tariffs for heat energy, systems with individual metering of heat consumption are becoming more and more relevant.

What do we offer:

What is included in the product:

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